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Jörn Schulz:"No one wants Mubarak to be put on trial"
29. März 2011, 19.43 Uhr:

"No one wants Mubarak to be put on trial"

von Jörn Schulz

Der ägyptische Blogger Sandmonkey hat sich die EU-Zentrale angeschaut und berichtet über die Lobbyarbeit des ancien régime:  „I believed Brussels was only good for waffles and chocolate, and I was surprised to find it the den of spies and lobbyists. (…) This also affects us, because many of the local players are lobbying here: For example, The Mubarak’s are lobbying here, So are the Gammals for their own business purposes in Europe separately, and even Ahmed Ezz’s family (Ezz ist ein Geschäftsmann und ehemaliger NDP-Politiker, er wurde im Februar verhaftet) is lobbying to ensure he gets ‘a fair trial’ , because he knows in a ‘fair trial’ he can drag many names in the mud with him, and have them tried as well. Especially Mubarak. That’s his card, because he knows no one wants Mubarak to be put on trial. (…) The reason why no one wants Mubarak put on trial is simple: You don’t get to be the leader of a country like Egypt for freaking 30 years without knowing where many bodies are buried. Some of those bodies might prove to be embarrassing to many world powers & could set a dangerous precedent that may fuel more revolutions.”


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