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Thomas von der Osten-Sacken:Warum unterstützen die USA die Islamisten?
26. März 2012, 23.10 Uhr:

Warum unterstützen die USA die Islamisten?

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Michael Totten berichtet vom Unabhängigkeitstag aus Tunesien und warum liberale und linke Tunesier die USA und Qatar kritisieren:

The Americans are with the Islamists. They support Ennahda in Tunisia and the Wahhabists in Saudi Arabia.

I’ve heard this complaint from every single secular person I’ve interviewed in this country without exception, from academics and democratic activists to journalists and teachers. They seem to be unanimously shocked and dismayed and appalled. The subject comes up again and again in conversation even when I ask about other things. It’s impossible to spend any time here whatsoever without hearing about it. (…)

Most Tunisians don’t seem to understand Washington. And the administration does not seem to understand Tunis. Western governments, including the Obama administration, decided Ennahda is a moderate Islamist party that they can do business with, but secular and liberal Tunisians think that analysis is a load of old bollocks.

I met with Zeyneb Farhat, director of Tunisia’s national theater, El Teatro.

“Most journalists in the West,” I said, “describe Ennahda as a moderate party in almost every single article about this country.”

“These are not serious people,” she said. “They have no idea what they are talking about. Ennahda is not moderate. Let me tell you, nobody at the United States Embassy in Tunisia was informed. Nobody. That’s why Hillary Clinton twice told Ennahda that their merchandise is not what was sold a few months ago in order to get support from the American administration. (…)

It’s important to remember that the majority of Tunisians voted against Ennahda. If either the Democratic or Republican party in the United States won a mere 42 percent of the vote, the election would rightly be called an epic shellacking.

Ennahda failed even more miserably in the recent student union elections when 88 percent at the universities voted against them.

I get an earful of complaints every day, but none of Tunisia’s liberals or leftists blame me for what’s going on. Most instinctively understand that I’m on their side at least in a general way, and they’re right. Some are from the hard Che Guevara left, but most who self-identify as liberals and progressives are the real deal. They aren’t the Jacobins that so many in Cairo turned out to be. This country is politically, culturally, and intellectually ahead of Egypt by 100 years.


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