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Thomas von der Osten-Sacken:Verrat an der iranischen Demokratiebewegung
16. April 2012, 00.32 Uhr:

Verrat an der iranischen Demokratiebewegung

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Patrick Clawson meint in Foreign Policy völlig zu Recht, dass der so geannte Westen jederzeit bereit ist, die iranische Demokratie- und Menschenrechtsbewegung für einen Atomdeal mit dem Regime zu opfern:

One reason Iranian democrats worry that we would throw them under a bus for a nuclear deal is because that is exactly what we would do. The cold truth is that the West, including the United States, would gladly negotiate a nuclear agreement with Iran’s hardliners at the expense of Iranian human rights and democracy. If all it took to reach a nuclear deal were to remain silent about Tehran’s repression, the prospects for a deal would be excellent. But in fact what holds up the deal is that Iran is not prepared to give up much of its nuclear program and the West is not convinced that the Islamic Republic would live up to any commitment it makes. What’s more, the West – especially the United States – is not willing to offer much in trade so long as the fundamental geostrategic conflict with Iran remains.


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