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Thomas von der Osten-Sacken:Merkel's Fascist Guest
30. Januar 2013, 19.02 Uhr:

Merkel's Fascist Guest

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Maikel Nabil Sanad mit deutlichen Worten über die Einladung von Mohamad Mursi nach Berlin:

“Bloodsuckers,” “monkeys,” and pigs” – that’s how Egyptian President Mohammed Morsy refers to Jews. Just two weeks ago, Morsy offended a group of U.S. Senators by claiming that Jews control the international media. Morsy also belongs to the Muslim Brotherhood, the group whose leader Mohammed Badie was ranked by The Simon Weisenthal Center as the “biggest anti-Semite” on the planet.

But then German Chancellor Angela Merkel decided to surprise us all by inviting the Egyptian President to visit Berlin as her guest today – the same date Hitler took power in 1933. Yet she is doing this despite the fact that Morsy’s rhetoric qualifies him as an out-and-out neo-Nazi. This visit is an insult to Germany’s struggle against racism and nationalism over the past sixty years. (…)

We democratic activists in Egypt are extremely worried about any military cooperation between Germany and Egypt. Germany has always been one of the largest exporters of weapons to Egypt (right behind the United States). Such worries are particularly pronounced at a moment when the Egyptian police and army regularly use western-supplied weapons to crush non-violent protests that call for freedom and democracy. I don’t believe that German citizens accept the notion that they can only support their own economy by selling weapons to dictatorships like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, which stand against the rights of their citizens to live in freedom and equality.


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