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Thomas von der Osten-Sacken:Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment
2. Februar 2013, 19.02 Uhr:

Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

A group of activists and volunteers from Operation Anti-Sexual Harassment are fighting back against a shocking wave of violent sexual assaults against women in Tahrir (…)

Formed in November 2012, Operation Anti Sexual Harassment is one of those groups. They consist of scores of volunteers who give up their free time to fight against one of the ugliest issues to emerge in Tahrir Square recently - sexual assaults targeting women. (…)

Engy Ghozlan, a long time women’s rights activist and member of Operation Anti-Sexul Harassment says women will not be deterred. “This won’t stop women from going or force them to stay at home, nothing will prevent us from going. The street belongs to us as it belongs to anyone. This is our country and we will not be silent against sexual harassment. Not the type that happens everyday nor that of Tahrir… In Egypt there is no revolution without the participation of women and their security”




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