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Thomas von der Osten-Sacken:'IS 60 km entfernt'
11. Oktober 2015, 23.47 Uhr:

'IS 60 km entfernt'

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Über den russischen War on Terror, der in Wirklichkeit einer Terror War gegen die Free Syrian Army und syrische Zivilisten ist:

Residents in the areas hit by Moscow late last week described widespread destruction of houses and buildings. “The destruction is incredible, and all of them are civilian homes,” said Adnan Kanjo, the head of the local council in Derrat al-Izza in western Aleppo. “This is the first time we see destruction at this scale. There is intense fear and terror – we can’t even open our schools.”

“The regime’s planes could bomb maybe one or two buildings, but now a whole district is destroyed. There is no specific time and we can’t take any more precautions. If you are destined to get killed you will get killed.

“These Russian warplanes say they are targeting Daesh [Isis],” he added. “Well, we have not had Daesh here in over a year. Marea [which Isis is besieging] is 60km away. And al-Bab [which it controls] is over 100km away. The bombing is targeting civilians. And where are the people going to go? I leave this question to be answered by the people who still have a conscience.”

Mohammad al-Ibrahim, a resident of Maarat al Numan, in Idlib province said: “Whenever they hear [planes], the families run into these small caves that they dug up in the ground a while ago. My little brothers’ faces go pale … and they don’t utter a word for 20 minutes.”

A resident of the town of Atshan in eastern Hama, not far from the Tajamul Ala’Azza base said rebel units had developed an effective routine to hide from the airstrikes, but civilians remained exposed and often helpless.

“The Free Syrian army fighters are protected, they can take shelter underground, and the planes aren’t having much of an effect on the progress of the battles on the ground,” he said. “But what pains the fighters is the civilian deaths and how they are forced to leave their destroyed homes.


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