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29. April 2014, 15.36 Uhr:

'Why I visted Auschwitz'

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Zeina M. Barakat war eine der palästinensischen Studenten, die im März Auschwitz besucht haben und dafür in palästinensischen Medien beschimpft wurden. Sie antwortet im Atlantic:

In March, I was one of 27 Palestinian students who visited the Auschwitz-­Birkenau death camps with Professor Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi. When we returned from Poland, the condemnation of our trip—and of Professor Dajani himself—in the media, and on Facebook and Twitter, was deafening. Equally deafening was the silence of my fellow travelers, who were so cowed into muteness by the virulence of the criticism that only a couple came to Professor Dajani’s defense.(…)

Many Palestinians link what happened to the Jews during World War II with the Nakba, the Arabic word for “disaster” and the term Palestinians use to describe the events of 1948, which led to their dispossession and the flight of hundreds of thousands of refugees. But those who argue that we Palestinians should close our eyes to the reality of the Holocaust because it was the cause of our national tragedy are wrong. They know nothing about Zionist history, from the First Zionist Conference in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897, to Britain’s Balfour Declaration calling for the establishment of a Jewish homeland in Palestine in 1917, through the British mandate in the 1920s, 30s, and 40s. And those who argue, as student-critics of our trip wrote on Facebook, that the injustice Palestinians currently face is of the same magnitude as what happened to Jews in Nazi-controlled Europe are wrong, too. However degrading and unfair our situation in Palestine is today—and yes, it is degrading and unfair—it pales in comparison to the dehumanizing horror, depravity, and evil conceived and implemented by Nazis and their collaborators.

When my fellow Palestinian travelers talk among themselves and with friends and family about the accusation that they “sold out to the Jews” by visiting Auschwitz, they tend to cite their love for their country, noting that their travel makes them no less patriotic or nationalistic than their critics. Although the public outcry has silenced most of them, they all went to Auschwitz out of the belief that deepening their knowledge of the Holocaust could help pave the road to peace. Not only did they choose to reject ignorance, but they displayed remarkable moral courage by choosing to respect the past suffering of “the other.”

28. April 2014, 15.04 Uhr:

6. April Bewegung verboten

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Ein Gericht in Ägypten hat heute die Bewegung des 6. April in Ägypten verboten, weil sie angeblich Geld aus dem Ausland erhalten und spioniert habe. Das ist die Sprache des ägyptischen “Deep State", der noch jeden Aufstand überstanden hat. (Zeitgleich verurteilte das  Gericht in Minia weitere 683 Muslimbrüder, darunter auch ihren Führer Mohamad Badie, zum Tode, wobei, wie schon zuvor, davon ausgegangen wird, dass der Oberste Mufti von Ägypten diese Todesurteile nicht bestätigen wird.)

The Court for Urgent Matters has ordered the banning of all activities by the April 6 Youth Movement.

Lawyer Ashraf Saeed filed the lawsuit, which accused the group of espionage and defaming the Egyptian state.

He called for interim President Adly Mansour, Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab and Interior Minister Mohamed Ibrahim to freeze the movement’s activities and confiscate its headquarters.

“The recordings showed the movement had received foreign funding,” he claimed.

The group’s participation in raids on state security buildings in March 2011 increased my feelings against the group, Saeed added.

Following Mubarak’s ouster, activists stormed state security buildings in which numerous accounts of torture had been reported.

The events were aired live on television and took place in the presence of soldiers who did not attempt to stop them.

Saeed added that he wanted the group and all of its offshoots disbanded.

The young group, which played a vital role in the January 2011 uprising against Hosni Mubarak, has been the target of an ongoing smear campaign since its founding in 2008.

27. April 2014, 12.14 Uhr:


von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Neues aus der UN:

Commission on the Status of Women:  The Council elected 11 members for four-year terms beginning at the Commission’s sixtieth session’s first meeting in 2015 and expiring at the close of the sixty-third session in 2019:  Equatorial Guinea, Liberia, Malawi (African States); Iran and Mongolia (Asia-Pacific States); Albania and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Eastern European States); Colombia (Latin American and Caribbean States); and Belgium, Liechtenstein and Spain (Western European and other States).

26. April 2014, 15.54 Uhr:

Der Westen, Assad und das Giftgas

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Nicht nur setzt das Assad-Regime weiter und (offenbar recht systematisch) Chloringas im Kampf gegen die Opposition ein, nein, nun wird auch bekannt, dass es vermutlich - wer hätte das gedacht? - nicht alle Bestände deklariert hat, und außerdem natürlich weiter über das  Know How verfügen wird, das nötig ist, solche Waffen wieder zu produzieren.

Warum auch sollte das syrische Regime sich anders verhalten? Es gibt ja keine, auch noch so imaginären, roten Linien mehr, die es noch überschreiten könnte. Seit Assad weiß, dass ihm zumindest von Europa oder den USA kein größeres Ungemach droht, wäre er ja dumm, gäbe er all seine Chemiewaffen auf.

Syria maintains an ability to deploy chemical weapons, diplomats say, citing intelligence from Britain, France and the United States that could strengthen allegations Syria’s military recently used chlorine gas in its bloody civil war. (…)

The verification of Syria’s declaration on its poison gas arsenal and its destruction has been overseen by a joint team of the United Nations and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the global chemical arms watchdog.

Diplomats say Western governments have long suspected Syria did not declare all aspects of its chemical arms program. But the envoys say they have kept silent on the issue to avoid giving Assad an excuse to curtail cooperation with the U.N.-OPCW mission and slow down an already delayed timetable for shipping toxins out of the country.

With more than 90 percent of Syria’s declared chemical stockpiles now out of the country, Western officials have started to break their silence.

“We are convinced, and we have some intelligence showing, that they have not declared everything,” a senior Western diplomat told Reuters, adding that the intelligence had come from Britain, France and the United States.

When asked how much of its program Syria has kept hidden, the diplomat said: “It’s substantial.” He offered no details.

25. April 2014, 12.16 Uhr:

'Kick out ISIS'

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Die nordsyrische Stadt Raqqa wird seit Monaten von den Jihadisten des Islamischen Staates Staates kontrolliert, die dort ihren Scharia-Terror ausüben. Immer wieder kam es zu Demonstrationen gegen diese Herrschaft, jetzt meldet die Zeitung Zaman Alwasl:

Raqqa city, which is completely under ISIS’s control, witnesses these days disturbance and tension inside the state, as news is circulated about cooperation between one of the biggest tribes in the region and many military groups and battalions, to attack ISIS’s centers and kick them out of the city.

“People in Raqqa have fed up of ISIS and its acts in the city and against its people, every day we wake up on news of slaughtering one of our people, cutting their hand, or lashing others in public squares in the city or the countryside without providing any evidence for their decisions, which are usually taken for personal benefits”, A sheikh from al-Brij tribe reported to Zaman Alwasl.

The Sheikh adds that Al-raqqa’s tribes are somehow responsible for enabling ISIS to control the city and now it is their responsibility to throw them out of it. He revealed that his tribe cooperates with many fighting battalions to start the “second revolution” of Raqqa, against the regime which has occupied their city under Islamic cover. He insists on the importance of support by other people in the city to help rebels in their battle against injustice and strangers.

Activists from Raqqa have initiated a campaign called “Raqqa is silently killed” to draw attention to crimes of ISIS in the city, aiming to gathering effort to find a revolutionary body able to return the city to the right track.

23. April 2014, 17.34 Uhr:

Wenn die UN appelliert

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Eigentlich war es ja bislang die UN, an die sich alle möglichen und unmöglichen Appelle richteten, doch seit spätestens in Syrien sich gezeigt hat, wie einflusslos sie in Wirklichkeit ist (Darfur wäre ein weiteres Beispiel, aber wer redet schon noch von Darfur?), liegt es nun an der UN Appelle zu verfassen. So schreiben die Vertreter von gleich vier ihrer Agenturen einen neuerlichen Appell, der so ungehört verklingen wird wie früher, als sie selbst noch der Adressat war, Appelle an die UN:

One year ago, as leaders of UN agencies struggling to deal with the growing human impact of the Syrian crisis, we issued an urgent appeal on behalf of millions of people whose lives and futures hang in the balance: Enough, we said, enough!

That appeal has gone largely unanswered. The war escalates in many areas. The humanitarian situation deteriorates day after day. And for the civilians remaining in the cities of Aleppo and the Old City of Homs, as well as other parts of the country experiencing heavy fighting, the worst days seem yet to come.

As the fighting has intensified in recent weeks, at least one million people are now in need of urgent humanitarian assistance in Aleppo alone. The road from Damascus to Aleppo — a vital lifeline — has often been cut. 1.25 million people are in need of food in Aleppo city and rural parts of the governorate. Other key roads are blocked by different armed forces and groups.

All too often, humanitarian access to those in need is being denied by all sides. Aerial bom-bardment, rockets, mortars and other indiscriminate attacks slaughter innocent men, women, and children. In Aleppo it is reported that there are now only 40 doctors for a population of 2.5 mil-lion people – once there were more than 2,000 – and medical supplies are scarce. The city is sur-rounded on all sides.

6,5 Milliarden $ benötigte die UN, um den Millionen Flüchtlingen und Hungernden einigermaßen zu helfen, heißt es zudem in dem Appell, doch nur 1,2 seien bislang gerade einmal zusammengekommen.

“I think it’s fair to say there is a collective sense of frustration among all the agencies working in Syria,” U.N. spokesman Jens Laerke said. “We are witnessing … the gradual destruction of an entire population. I almost fear where my imagination takes me.” (Quelle)

22. April 2014, 23.39 Uhr:

Die islamische Nation blutet

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Da ging er zum Suna-gemäßen Kopfabscheiden in den Orient und schloss sich dort ISIL an , der Berliner Rapper Denis Cuspert alias Deso Dog alias Abu Talha al-Almani, und nun, so scheint es, kam er nicht im Gefecht mit irgendwelchen Ungläubigen im heiligen Krieg ums Leben, sondern sein Licht wurde von der jihadistischen Konkurrenz der Jabhat al-Nusra ausgeblasen:

He was a member of the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham (ISIS) and was reportedly killed in a double suicide bombing carried out by Al-Nusra Front, a rival jihadist group that is Al-Qaeda’s Syria affiliate.

Messages posted on jihadist Internet forums announced his death.

“The Islamic nation is bleeding with the news of the martyrdom of the jihadist fighter, brother Abu Talha al-Almani. May he be accepted by God,” one message read.

Seit zweit Tagen, und das ist auffällig, twittert Cuspert auch nicht mehr, allerdings wird auf einigen deutschen Jihadisten-Seiten behauptet, ein anderer Abu Talha al-Almani sei bei dem Anschlag umgekommen, Cuspert dagegen noch am Leben.

Update: Es scheint sich in der Tat um einen anderen Abu Talha gehandelt zu haben. Seit heute morgen (23.4.2013) twittert Cuspert wieder und erklärt: “as salamu alaikum dear brothers and sisters i did not become shaheed,it was a mistake,may allah accept the other bro.”

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