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7. August 2011, 17.06 Uhr:


von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Ein neues Statement des UN-Sicherheitsrates:

UN secretary general Bar Kir-Moon has expressed his “growing concern” over the “deteriorating” situation n Syria in a statement issued a short while a ago. He specifically mentioned Hama and Deir al Zor, but also refered to violence against protesters in all of Syria.

He said the “opportunity is still there to implement the reforms announced by Pres Bashar Assad.” He called on authorities to “immediately stop all act os violence and security campaigns, and speed up the necessary steps to do so, in order to preserve Syrian national unity and prevent more blood shed .”

He also called for a comprehensive national dialogue, saying theUN is prepared to provide any necessary assistance to this end, saying that such a dialogue is “the only solution to that would guarantee a peaceful transition to stability.”

Ach so, es war die arabische Liga, die diesmal ihrer Besorgnis Ausdruck verlieh, die UN dagegen is “watching”.

Und wie es in Syrien dieser Tage so zugeht zeigt etwa dieses Video aus Idlib: Sicherheitskräfte schießen in eine unbewaffnete Menge, offenbar einen Beerdigungszug:

6. August 2011, 17.59 Uhr:

Wo waren sie vor sechs Monaten?

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Amr al-Shobaki erinnert daran, dass es den Islamisten eigentlich ganz gut unter Mubarak ging, es jedenfalls nicht sie waren, die zu seinem Sturz mobilisiert haben:

Last Friday’s rally in Tahrir was perplexing. Not because it showed the Islamists’ strong political presence, that much we already knew. Rather, because no Islamists ever called for such a mass protest under Hosni Mubarak. It was civil, non-religious groups – mostly youth – who initiated the mass demonstrations that sparked the revolution and brought down the former regime. Many Salafi groups, meanwhile, remained loyal to Mubarak till the end.

Und er fährt fort, möge er Recht behalten:

Even though poverty, illiteracy and corruption are rampant in Egypt, Islamists have failed to deal with these challenges, instead preferring to confront illusory threats. If anything, their muscle-flexing on Friday has revealed their weakness, not their strength.

6. August 2011, 11.36 Uhr:

Brüderliche Umarmungen, tätige Hilfe

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Unter den Sozialisten des 21. Jahrhunderts gibt’s noch Freundschaft:

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said he wrote Gaddafi a letter offering him “a big hug” and denouncing NATO’s “imperial” attacks on Libya.

“The proud, gracious and merciful God bless and keep you. May he bless and protect the heroic and dignified people of Libya,” Chavez read from his letter to Gaddafi during a live broadcast on VTV, the national news channel. “Muammar, a big hug with an infinite sense of brotherhood.”

Und wie Chavez Gaddafi zur Seite steht, so Iran und Hizbollah dem großen Führer Syriens:

A UN commission linked to the UN High Commissioner for Refugees announced that Iran and Hezbollah are “involved in killing Syrian soldiers who refuse to shoot at protesters,” Al-Arabiya television reported Friday.

The commission said it will publish a detailed report in the coming days, Al-Arabiya also said, adding that the report contains images and testimonies of Syrian soldiers who defected from the army and are now in Turkey.

“The report confirms that the Syrian soldiers who refused to shoot protesters were detained and killed by Hezbollah or Iranian Revolutionary Guards members who are in Syria to help the regime suppress protesters,” Al-Arabiya added.

5. August 2011, 23.59 Uhr:

7000 Jahre von ...

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Michael Totten berichtet in einem sehr lesenswerten Photoessay von seinen Eindrücken in Ägypten und es gelingt ihm die dabei eine Unzahl von Widersprüchen zu beschreiben, ohne dabei in irgend eine Euphorie für die Demonstraten zu verfallen, den Einfluss der Islamisten herunterzuspielen aber auch ohne die Zukunft Ägytens in schwärzesten Farben zu malen.

Hier seine Conclusio:

Egypt’s liberals are out in large numbers, but they aren’t the strong horse. They’re third after the army and the Islamists. Events over the last week all but proved it.

Last Friday hundreds of thousands of activists from the Muslim Brotherhood and the even more radical totalitarian Salafist movement seized control of the square. They didn’t go down there just to yell at the army. They were there to intimidate liberals, and it worked. The Islamists “told their supporters to join in the demonstrations to fight against the liberal infidels,” a caller on the State TV show said. Thirty four different revolutionary groups—and that would be almost all of them—packed up and left for a while.

Then the army went in and cleared out those who remained. No one is at the square now. The soldiers tore down the tents and stepped aside as thugs from the Baltageya beat people up. Shop owners near the square cheered and applauded.

The liberals, the leftists, the Islamists, and even the army were unified, sort of, when Mubarak was the target of all. Egypt is now experiencing competing revolutions, competing demonstrations, and a popular government crackdown. If the junta is overthrown or beaten back into the shadows, the real battle for the heart and soul of Egypt will be on. The victor, if there is one, will determine the Arab world’s direction for decades.

4. August 2011, 18.43 Uhr:

Persona non grata

von Jörn Schulz

Während man im Westen weiterhin darauf wartet, dass der syrische Präsident Bashar al-Assad mit den versprochenen Reformen beginnt, ist ist die ägyptische Protestbewegung längst einen Schritt weiter. Dem syrischen Botschafter wurde der Boden zu heiß, er hat das Land verlassen. „Over the past few days, demonstrators had gathered outside the Syrian embassy in Cairo to protest against a deadly crackdown on anti-government protesters in Syria. The protesters called on the military council now in control of Egypt to expel the Syrian envoy and sever diplomatic ties with the government of President Bashar Assad.”


4. August 2011, 12.16 Uhr:

Einer blieb

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Stellvertretend für den Rest der sog. westlichen Welt demonstrierten vorgestern die US-Senatoren, wie sehr sie sich für die Massaker in Syrien interessieren:

After the Senate Tuesday, Aug. 3 approved the bill raising the national debt ceiling, the lawmakers were scheduled to turn to the crisis in Syria. However, US Ambassador Robert Ford, on hand to brief the senators, saw them hurrying to leave Capitol Hill. Only one senator remained for the briefing.

The Syrian ruler has therefore concluded he can safely ignore international opinion. In the face of US and Western indifference, he can continue to mercilessly slaughter his people without fear of the sort of intervention they undertook in Libya or UN sanctions.

Der Bürgermeister von Tripolis hat die zündende Idee, wie er den Krieg in Libyen beenden kann; nein, nein, er will nicht etwa abtreten, er will - eingespielter Applaus - demokratisch Wählen lassen. Hat sein Sohn vor Monatsfrist auch schon mal vorgeschlagen. Immerhin unterstützt jetzt eine Leuchte des Sozialismus des 21. Jahrhunderts, Daniel Ortega, der nikaraguanische Präsident, diesen großen - eingespielter Applaus - Vorschlag. Ortega hat auch schon bei der UN-Vertretung Libyens ausgeholfen, als Gadaffi die Diplomaten weggelaufen waren. Das ist noch Solidarität!

President Ortega, a personal friend of Colonel Qaddafi, said the leftist Latin American bloc ALBA supported the move to allow Libyans to “exercise their right to vote… and create the conditions needed to end the war.” (al-arabyia)

Saif al Islam, des Bürgermeisters Sohn, will sich mit Wahlen dagegen mittlerweile nicht mehr aufhalten. Saif ist in einer Trotzphase. Saif trägt jetzt Bart, spielt mit einer Gebetskette herum und erzählt der New York Times, man habe beschlossen, sich mit den Islamisten zu verbünden, um dann gemeinsam die “liberalen” Aufständischen loszuwerden.

Libya will look like Saudi Arabia, like Iran. So what?

Es handelt sich, wie gesagt, um eine Trotzphase. Saif ist nämlich beleidigt, jetzt darf er nicht mehr im Frack auf dem Wiener Opernball Champagner schlürfen, jetzt muß er mit Bartmaskerade den hartgesottenen Zyniker geben:

“Everybody is taking off the mask, and now you have to face the reality,” he said. “I know they are terrorists. They are bloody. They are not nice. But you have to accept them.” He seemed to enjoy repeating the notion that Western capitals would be forced to welcome the ambassadors or defense minister of a new Islamist Libya.

Mag sein, daß sie das alles bei Gaddafis daheim im Bunkerzelt für geniale Propagandacoups halten. Aber seien wir ehrlich, das ist alles nur noch total bescheuert.

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