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11. März 2014, 11.58 Uhr:

Hizbollahs Verluste

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Für ihren Einsatz an Seite des Assad Regimes in Syrien zahlt die Hizbollah eine hohen Preis:

Deaths among Hezbollah fighters battling rebels in Syria have increased significantly in March, as the party fights alongside the Syrian army in its struggle to capture the rebel-held town of Yabroud in the Qalamoun Mountains. Hezbollah announced that 15 of its fighters died in March, saying they fell while carrying out their “jihadist duty.” Funerals were held in various areas across Lebanon including the Bekaa Valley, the Beirut southern suburbs and south Lebanon.

Facebook pages and websites affiliated with Hezbollah were flooded with photos of the dead fighters, who were mostly young, with relatives and supporters praising their “martyrdom.”

Und der Unmut wächst auch im Südlibanon über diesen Einsatz:

Families of Hezbollah fighters in south Lebanon are growing increasingly angry that their sons are being sent to fight and die for Syrian President Bashar Assad, the Saudi Arabian newspaper Al Watan reported over the weekend.

While this groundswell of anger first erupted several months ago, it has recently grown stronger due to the large number of casualties Hezbollah has sustained during battles in the northern suburbs of Damascus. Hundreds of Lebanese youths recruited by the Shiite organization and sent to fight Sunni jihadist rebels alongside the Syrian army have returned in coffins, sparking a new wave of dissent.

9. März 2014, 13.30 Uhr:

Proud Atheists

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

9. März 2014, 12.17 Uhr:

Larijani erwartet Dankbarkeit für Hinrichtungswelle

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Die Islamische Rebublik Iran, sie bleibt sich so treu oder ein Grund mehr, warum nur Regime Change helfen wird:

Mohammad Javad Larijani, Head of the Iranian Judiciary’s Human Rights Council, said on March 4 that Iran’s increased execution rate is a positive marker of Iranian achievement. Instead of criticizing Iran for its increasing number of executions, he said, “our expectation of international organizations and the world is to be grateful for this great service to humanity.”

Speaking at the Coordinating Meeting of the Human Rights Council, Larijani said, “Unfortunately, instead of celebrating Iran, international organizations see the increased number of executions caused by Iran’s assertive confrontation with drugs as a vehicle for human rights attacks on the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

8. März 2014, 20.55 Uhr:

Dumm gelaufen II

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Der nächste (siehe auch hier):

A Hamas terrorist was killed and nine others injured on Saturday from an “internal explosion” in the southern Gaza city of Rafah on the border with Egypt, Palestinian news agency Ma’an reported.

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that the blast had occurred while members of Hamas’s al-Qassam brigades were learning how to produce bombs.

Hamas named 30-year-old Ibrahim Nagib al-Ghoul as the casualty from what it deemed an accidental incident.
5. März 2014, 21.22 Uhr:

Ein Sieg für Libanons LGBTs

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Ermutigende Nachrichten aus dem Libanon:

A Lebanese judge made a historic ruling for the under-fire Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender (LGBT) community in the country when he acquitted an unidentified transgender woman accused of having sexual relations with men.

“People living with a disorder regarding their sexual identity, even if they stray away from the rules and the familiar, will remain part of nature which they have come from,” Judge Naji al-Dahdah of the Jdeideh Court said in a January 28 ruling published earlier in March in Al-Moufakkira al-Qanouniya NGO’s monthly magazine.

In his ruling, Dahdah added that “doing something out of the ordinary does not mean that it is an abnormality. And nature is not defined by the behavior of its majority.”

5. März 2014, 00.50 Uhr:

Hamas, verboten

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Neues aus Ägypten (Ob sie sich noch erinnern, die Herrscher von Gaza, wie sie sich damals als die großen Gewinner des arabischen Frühlings feierten?):

An Egyptian court on Tuesday banned all Hamas activities in Egypt in another sign that the military-backed government aims to squeeze the Palestinian Islamist group that rules the neighboring Gaza Strip.

Hamas is an offshoot of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood, which the authorities have declared a terrorist group and which they have repressed systematically since the army ousted one of its leaders, Mohamed Mursi, from the presidency in July.

“The court has ordered the banning of Hamas’s work and activities in Egypt,” the judge, who asked not to be named, told Reuters.

5. März 2014, 00.06 Uhr:

Weibliche Genitalverstümmelung auch im Iran weit verbreitet

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Erstmals ist in einer Studie nachgewiesen worden, was seit längerem bekannt, aber noch nicht statistisch nachgewiesen worden ist, dass auch im Iran FGM weit verbreitet ist:

Die Frauenforscherin Rayeheh Mozafarian hat in einer wissenschaftlichen Arbeit die weibliche Genitalverstümmelung im Iran thematisiert. Sie fordert, dass über die Problematik offen gesprochen werden müsse, damit die Praktik gestoppt wird. (…)

Im Iran, wo die Praktik eigentlich verboten ist, wird sie vielerorts durchgeführt. Das hat die Frauenforscherin Rayeyeh Mozafarian von der Universität Schiraz in einer Forschungsarbeit darlegt, für die sie nun — nach fünf Jahren Wartezeit — die Erlaubnis zur Veröffentlichung bekam.

Mozafarian hat dafür zwischen 2007 und 2009 in mehreren iranischen Provinzen Befragungen zu weiblichen Genitalverstümmelungen durchgeführt. Ihren Recherchen zufolge finden 70 Prozent der weiblichen Beschneidungen in den Provinzen Kurdistan, West-Aserbaidschan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan und Hormozgan statt. Die Praktik ist sowohl bei Schiiten als auch bei Sunniten vorzufinden.

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