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23. Mai 2011, 00.55 Uhr:

Islamisten rufen zum Boykott von Demonstrationen auf

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Der Bruch zwischen Muslimbrüdern, Liberalen und Linken scheint sich weiter zu vertiefen. Sowohl die Muslimbrüder als auch die Salafiten rufen jetzt zum Boykott des “One Million Man March” am kommenden Freitag auf. Dabei geht es auch um die Frage, ob die Wahlen nicht verschoben und erst eine neue Verfassung ausgearbeitet werden sollte. Selbst Mohammad al Baradei, der bislang eine gewisse Nähe zu den Muslimbrüdern gezeigt hat, beginnt sich von diesen zu distanzieren.

Islamist groups in Egypt called on Egyptian citizens to not participate in Friday’s million-man protests, which are being touted as the “second revolution of anger".

Activists and revolutionary groups had called through social networking websites for a protest in Tahrir Square on 27 May to voice their opposition to the idea of an amnesty for former President Hosni Mubarak or any figures from the former regime, demanding instead that they be brought to justice.

Protest organizers called for million-man marches and open-ended sit-ins in all Egyptian governorates until Mubarak and the key figures of his regime have been convicted in open and transparent trials. (…)

“The claim that the aim of the protests is to pressure the junta into speeding up the trials is false… The real goal behind the 27 May protest is to push for a constitution before the elections and to circumvent the will of the people,” they said.

Meanwhile, Salafi activists via global social networking site Facebook called for the boycott of the Friday protests, claiming the “27 May protests are being organized by secularists, liberals, infidels and atheists, and we oppose them.”

The Manhag al-Salaf al-Saleh Movement said via Facebook that the call for the protest aimed “to divide", create “discord", and bring “desolation” upon Egypt.

Several liberal and secular movements have called for the postponement of the parliamentary elections slated for September, claiming that political forces need more time to rally supporters prior to the elections.

22. Mai 2011, 11.23 Uhr:

Ein Grund, verhaftet zu werden

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Aus Saudi Arabien, einem Land, in dem die Scharia die Verfassung ist, und das als enger Alliierter im War on Terror gilt:

A woman has been detained in Saudi Arabia for defying the ban on driving. The kingdom is the only country in the world where women are discouraged from getting behind the wheel.

Manal al Sharif is part of an online campaign group determined to get women in the driving seat.

21. Mai 2011, 12.41 Uhr:

Seltsame arabische Straße

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Hier verbrennt die arabische Straße mal wieder Fahnen.

Das Video stammt von einer Demonstration im syrischen Hama. Dort mag man den Iran offenbar nicht besonders. Und China auch nicht.

20. Mai 2011, 20.43 Uhr:


von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Robert Satloff erklärt, warum Obamas vielzitierte Nahostrede einen politischen  Schwenk zu Ungunsten Israels ankündigen könnte:

Specifically, the peace process principles he articulated constitute a major departure from long-standing US policy. Not only did President Obama’s statement make no mention of the democracy-based benchmarks injected into this process by President Bush in his June 2002 Rose Garden speech (which might have been appropriate, given the overall theme of his speech), he even included a significant departures from the “Clinton Parameters” presented to the parties by the then president in December 2000:

* President Obama is the first sitting president to say that the final borders should be “based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps.” (The Clinton Parameters – which, it is important to note, President Bill Clinton officially withdrew before he left office – did not mention the 1967 borders, but did mention “swaps and other territorial arrangements.") The Obama formulation concretizes a move away from four decades of US policy based on UN Security Council resolution 242 of November 1967, which has always interpreted calls for an Israeli withdrawal to a “secure and recognized” border as not synonymous with the pre-1967 boundaries The idea of land swaps, which may very well be a solution that the parties themselves choose to pursue, sounds very different when endorsed by the president of the United States. In effect, it means that the US view is that resolution of the territorial aspect of the conflict can only be achieved if Israel cedes territory it held even before the 1967 war.

* Regarding IDF deployment, President Obama said that the Palestinian state should have borders with Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and referred to the “full and phased” withdrawal of the Israel Defense Forces. This statement implies categorical American opposition to any open-ended Israeli presence inside the future Palestinian state. This differs from the Clinton Parameters, which envisioned three Israeli “facilities” inside the West Bank, with no time limit on their presence.

* Although the president noted that he was endorsing a borders-and-security-first approach, leaving the subjects of refugees and Jerusalem for future negotiations, this is an odd reading of the relevance of those two issues. For Palestinians, the refugee issue may be powerfully emotive, going to the core of Palestinian identity; for Israelis, however, it is as much an issue of security as ideology. For the president not to repeat previous US government statements – e.g., that Palestinians will never see their right of return implemented through a return to Israel – is to raise expectations and inject doubt into a settled topic.

20. Mai 2011, 00.01 Uhr:

Entirely destroyed

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Die Menschenrechtsorganisation Avaaz berichtet über die Lage in der syrischen Stadt Talkalakh:

The number of protesters killed in Talkalakh has risen to 35 since the beginning of the invasion last Sunday. We have their names to verify this. Water and electricity have been cut in the entire town and residents have told us they will run out of food in a matter of days. Shooting and shelling by the army continues day and night. The neighbourhood Hay al-Borj was entirely destroyed yesterday, without a single house left standing. The neighbourhood is completely deserted.

Siehe auch:

A further 14 protesters have been killed in the past few hours. It has proved difficult to identify them as their bodies had been found severely burned, having been dumped in a field and set on fire.

Residents said the hospital is filled with bodies of protesters. The city mayor is attempting to identify them. One of the city’s main medical clinics was destroyed by the shelling.



19. Mai 2011, 00.42 Uhr:


von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Gamal al Banna, jüngerer Bruder des Gründers der Muslimbruderschaft, spricht Klartext:

There cannot be a civil state with an Islamic reference, and if this happens it will become a religious state, even if it is not like the Iranian model of a religious state, in which the clergy rule the country. If nothing else, the civilian and religious outlooks will differ and will therefore surrender to the religious outlook.

If you allow Islam to become the source of legislation, you will have placed yourself in a whirlpool due to the large number of interpretations and religious views on various matters. The purpose of a civil state is justice, which is the same purpose of Islam and the basis of its original call. Egypt should thus become a civil state, without involving the detailed legislation of Islam.

Banna votiert deshalb ausdrücklich für einen Staat, der nicht auf islamischen Prinzipien fußt und unterstreicht, dass alle Versuche, islamische Staaten zu gründen, kläglich gescheitert seien:

All cases of Islamist rule in Arab countries such as Algeria and Sudan have failed, as they have trouble balancing religion and politics.

17. Mai 2011, 12.00 Uhr:

Baath bleibt Baath

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Verglichen mit ihren inzwischen ja gestürzten  irakischen Kollegen ist die syrische Baatherrschaft immer noch vergleichsweise moderat. Aber Massengrab bleibt Massengrab und Baath Baath:

Syrian villagers have pulled 13 bodies from a mass grave discovered near Deraa, the southern city targeted by security forces in a crackdown on anti-government protests, according to local residents.

Deraa residents say hundreds of people have been missing since tanks and soldiers moved in last month to crush opposition to President Bashar al-Assad’s 11-year rule.

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