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25. Februar 2017, 09.31 Uhr:

Proteste in Jordanien

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Wachsender Unmut Jordanien:

Protests are erupting across Jordan in response to rising prices and the government’s decision to raise taxes on food items and services that was enacted last week.

On Saturday, protests that broke out in the southern city of Karak sparked similar protests in the southern city of Tafilah, Salt, and Madaba. Several hundred people gathered in Karak, 90km south of Amman, calling for the resignation of the Prime Minister Hani Mulki and an end to what they called a "government of taxes".

“We are suffocated by the government’s continuous approach to solving [dire] economic conditions by turning to people’s pockets,” Muath Batoush, a protester from Karak, told Al Jazeera, referring to increasing prices and taxes. Protesters chanted slogans such as “Leave Mulki", “Shame on you, you have sold the country for a dollar", and “We cannot pay the bills for the corrupt.”

On January 23, the Jordanian parliament approved the 2017 budget, which seeks to raise $643m in additional taxes and tariffs.

25. Februar 2017, 08.31 Uhr:

Hizbollah mit Problemen

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Hanin Ghaddar über Schwierigkeiten, in denen die Hizbollah In Folge ihres Engagements in Syrien steckt:

The changes within Hezbollah’s fighting force are reflecting gravely on the Shiite community back home. Given the war’s general unpopularity and severe economic effects, Lebanese Shiites have become more isolated. They are also struggling to deal with returning fighters who often have a deleterious effect on their hometowns, whether by behaving aggressively, attempting to dictate local lifestyles, or generally instilling chaos. Government statistics are showing historically high rates of drug use, small crime, and unemployment, especially in the southern Beirut suburb of Dahiya, a Hezbollah stronghold. Even more disturbing is the absence of serious measures to counter these social problems. Lebanese authorities are not allowed to do anything in Dahiya without Hezbollah’s cooperation, but the group has seemingly done little to address the problems itself. In short, while many Shiites still view Hezbollah as their only protector and provider, they have not felt well protected or provided for in quite some time.

Hezbollah cannot keep absorbing these blows to its image for long, but Iran and Soleimani do not seem bothered by the situation, regarding it as Hezbollah’s problem. Whenever the group’s fighters leave Syria, they are immediately replaced by Iraqi Shiites who do not have the same domestic concerns about preserving the “resistance” against Israel. The fact that Tehran and Hezbollah sometimes differ in priorities and methods is hardly breaking news; among other past instances, Iranian leaders were less than thrilled about Hezbollah’s decision to launch a war with Israel in 2006. Likewise, Hezbollah fighters are not the only proxies that have chafed at Iranian arrogance; for example, captured Iraqi militants interrogated by U.S. authorities reportedly criticized their condescending Iranian trainers and advisors. Yet Iran’s Iraqi allies continue to soldier on in Syria even as Hezbollah veterans increasingly quit the field, so the current tensions should not be downplayed.

24. Februar 2017, 10.17 Uhr:

Syrien: Schwere Vorwürfe der UN

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Aus einem vor fast einem Jahr veröffentlichten Bericht der UN:

The Assad regime is killing so many detainees in Syria that it now amounts to the crime against humanity of “extermination", a UN report has found.

In a document published by the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, investigators found the Syrian government responsible for “massive and systematised violence".

The crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime, according to the UN, far outnumber those of Isis militants and other jihadist groups. (…)

According to the UN, the regime of Bashar al-Assad has committed “the crimes against humanity of extermination; murder; rape or other forms of sexual violence; torture; imprisonment; enforced disappearance and other inhuman acts". It said war crimes were also committed “based on the same conduct".

22. Februar 2017, 12.52 Uhr:

Iran: Proteste in Khuzestan gehen weiter

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Die Proteste in Khuzestan gehen auch diese Woche unvermindert weiter. Al Arabiya berichtet:

Banks, administrative offices, schools and universities have been closed in nearly a dozen Khuzestan Province cities. Even oil production, which Tehran seems to boast to have escalated above 4 million barrels per day now, has suffered tremendously with a 770,000-barrel nosedive.

However, the most concerning aspect of the entire situation for the regime involves the growing number of street protests that began on February 12th and continued for at least a week in the face of numerous warnings issued by the repressive state security apparatus.

And despite heavy security measures to prevent any escalation of such rallies, even a gathering brewed in Tehran’s Vanak Square where protesters expressed solidarity with their fellow countrymen and chanted against the mullahs’ regime.

While demonstrators were protesting the lack of vital daily services, the atmosphere quickly grew political with the crowd beginning to chant “Death to tyranny,” “Death to repression,” “We the people of Ahvaz will not accept oppression,” Expel incompetent officials,” “Ahwaz is our city, clean air is our right,” and “Shame on state police.”

22. Februar 2017, 08.20 Uhr:


von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Wunderbare Dissidenz:

To most observers, nothing stood out about Dorsa Derakhshani last month when she competed at the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival. The 18-year-old female grand master fared fine on the board, twice using the Four Knights defense, and looked like any other teenager you might see in the British territory that borders southern Spain.

But to the head of the Iranian Chess Federation, Derakhshani practically committed an act of treason.

Mehrdad Pahlevanzadeh didn’t have a problem with Derakhshani’s play, but her headwear. Derakhshani wore a simple headband in her long hair, instead of a hijab, Iran’s traditional headscarf, which became a compulsory accessory for women after the 1979 revolution. As a result, Pahlevanzadeh announced on Monday that Derakhshani would be kicked off the national team.

Derakhshani’s younger brother Borna, 15, who also entered the tournament, was also kicked off the team. His offense was agreeing to play an Israeli opponent, a strict no-no in the country that doesn’t recognize Israel as a state.

Das iranische Regime dagegen könnte allerdings kaum noch deutlicher demonstrieren, was seine zwei tragenden Säulen sind: Geschlechterapartheid und Antisemitismus

21. Februar 2017, 22.29 Uhr:

Steilvorlage für Le Pen

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Man verspürt einen starken Brechreiz, sieht man dass sich als feministisch bezeichnende Ministerinnen aus Schweden einen Kotau vor den Mullahs in Teheran machen und es noch nicht einmal wahrhaben wollen und sie so einer Marine Le Pen die Steilvorlage liefern. Entsprechend groß ist in sozialen Netzwerken der Beifall für ihre Geste im Libanon.

Marine Le Pen, weilt derzeit im Libanon. Als ein Mitarbeiter des dortigen Großmuftis ihr vor dem Treffen ein Kopftuch reichen wollte, lehnte Le Pen ab. Nach einem kurzen Gespräch ging sie wieder und verzichtete auf das Treffen.

Nur: Le Pen hat sich schon oft wohlwollend über den Iran geäußert und ich gehe jede Wette ein, sollte sie Teheran je besuchen, wird sie dies mit Kopftuch tun. Ein de facto machtloser Großmufti in Beirut nämlich ist dann doch ein anderes Kaliber.

Zu ihrer Haltung gegenüber dem Iran lohnt die Lektüre dieses Artikels. Unter anderem forderte sie schon 2014: “The boycott of Iran (…) should stop.

Im Libanon weilte Frau Le Pen vor allem, um der Welt zu erklären, dass man ganz unbedingt das Regime von Bashar Assad unterstützen müsse.

20. Februar 2017, 20.46 Uhr:

Schwedischer Hijabhumor

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Ein wenig für Aufsehen und Kritik hat er schon gesorgt, der bekopftuchte Besuch jener schwedischen Ministerinnen im Iran, die sich so ganz dem Feminismus verschrieben haben.

Und wie reagieren die Damen? Entschuldigen sie sich? Erklären sie, es das nächste Mal, sollten sie je wieder den Henkern in Teheran den Hof machen, es anders machen zu wollen.

Nein keineswegs, sie posten selbstgefällig dieses Bild auf Facebook und schreiben dazu: “Was hält Björklund davon, dass die weibliche Regierung beim nächsten Staatsbesuch Hüte mitnimmt.”

Aus diesem Bild sprechen Dummheit und Ignoranz, die kaum noch zu überbieten sind, es steht sinnbildlich für den ganzen europäischen Dialogbetrieb mit den Mullahs in Teheran.

Die Gründerin der Kampagne “My Stealthy Freedom” hat die richtigen Worte über den Humor dieser Damen gefunden:

I am an Iranian woman and the founder of this anti compulsory hijab campaign. Have you ever being forced to wear hijab? have you ever experienced morality police that forced you to cover your hair? NO. But we did. that is why you never understand the difference between compulsory headscarf and a hat which you chose to wear it. Yes you can make fun of our struggle but I would appreciate if you understand we are talking about compulsory hijab, here we are talking about having freedom of choice. I am sure you condemn burking ban and you never made fun of the compulsion France. Here No one forced you to wear these beautiful hats. have fun and stay safe. we never give up and I am sure one day you will be our voice in order to challenge compulsory hijab because it is not an internal matter and our government forced all of you to follow a discriminatory law. We all have to be brave and say NO to any humiliation. That is called sisterhood and solidarity. We never asked yo to insult our country law we asked you to challenge the insulting law. so now you even insulting all women who are trying to say that compulsory hijab is against women’s dignity by compering to a hat which you chose to wear it. Stand next to your sister and ask a simple question about a discriminatory law. History will judge all of us. By the way we are welcoming you to our beautiful country but be as brave as Iranian women and challenge the compulsory hijab because if you forced Iranian female politicians to take off their headscarves they will definitely protest. So we would love to have god relation with the west but we want you to stand for your own dignity and values as a woman.

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