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18. Juli 2014, 00.25 Uhr:

Heil Palästina

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Gastbeitrag von Ifcha Mistabra

Ein Bild, aufgenommen auf der heutigen Gaza Demonstration in Berlin. (Quelle: http://1just.de)

16. Juli 2014, 23.05 Uhr:

Wegen sexueller Belästigung verurteilt

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

En Gerichtsurteil aus Kairo:

Seven men were sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday over sexual assaults at Cairo’s Tahrir Square, following a pledge by Egypt’s new authorities to tackle an epidemic in such crimes.

Since the 2011 uprising which toppled president Hosni Mubarak, cases of sexual harassment have soared in Egypt, with women regularly attacked at rallies by mobs in and around Tahrir, the epicentre of demonstrations.

A Cairo court also sentenced two other defendants to 20 years in prison over the assaults since January 2013.

The attacks took place on 3 and 8 June as revellers celebrated Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s presidential election victory and inauguration, and on January 25, 2013 when Egypt marked the second anniversary of the anti-Mubarak revolt.

The defendants were found guilty of kidnapping, rape, sexual attacks, attempted murder and torture of a number of women during the rallies.

16. Juli 2014, 23.01 Uhr:

Neue Grenzen keine Lösung

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Taha Ozhan meint, neue Grenzen im Nahen Osten seien kein rezepte, das irgendwelche bestehenden Probleme löse. Vielmehr müssten die Irakis nun ernsthaft daran gehen, ihr Land zu dezentralisieren, die Idee förderaler Struktukten ernst nehmen und für eine gerechtere Verteilung der Öleinnahmen sorgen:

The idea that new borders can resolve any crisis is not only a Sykes-Picot malady, but does not really correspond to any real politics. The existence of ethnic-sectarian fault lines does not really offer us any insight into the political landscape of separation.

Is it really possible to talk about a political landscape based on ethnic and sectarian entities? Reiterating the geographic areas populated by different groups does not really give us an accurate econo-political distribution of the region.

For a separation scenario to be realized in Iraq, 1. New borders that are near impossible need to be drawn, 2. The resultant two sectarian and one ethnic regions need to be governed, 3. A fair plan for the distribution of the oil revenue that all groups depend on needs to be established and 4. The security of the borders as well as the distributive plan need to be enforced by a military structure.

A debate regarding the geopolitics of separation in Iraq can only take place if the minimum conditions for these for requirements are met. In fact, there is something much bigger at stake. For there to be a separation, there needs to be actors to be divided and to do the dividing.

That is to say, there needs to be entities that could be clearly defined to a certain. For instance, who is a Sunni Arab? Similarly, what is a Shia Arab? Furthermore, how do the Kurds think a region that has a higher ratio of Arabs and Turkmens than the Kurds in Turkey could be governed under the “Kurdish Nation State”?

It is necessary to prepare for a transition period in Iraq that is going to last for years to come. Either the chaos will be intensified by the invention of neo-Sykes-Picot or a scenario in which Baghdad’s role in the system is diminished and a vision of future that involves a fair distribution of oil revenue is strengthened will be implemented.

For this to happen, the Sunni Arabs need to be ‘Kurdified’ a little, the Kurds need to be a little ‘Sunnified’ and a little ‘Turkmenified’. In Iraq, the Sunni Kurds, Sunni Turkmens and Sunni Arabs do not constitute a larger group of Sunnis. This does not appear to be a possibility for the future either. In fact, one way the chaos could intensify in an indivisible Iraq would be the failure of Sunni actors to show their will for a shared future.

Otherwise, each ‘rescued’ region will carry what’s currently Baghdad’s crisis into its own “autonomous region”.

16. Juli 2014, 00.06 Uhr:

Giftgaseinsatz von ISIS in Kobani

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Gestern meldete die YPG, ISIS habe bei den schweren Gefechten um Kobani in Syrisch-Kurdistan Giftgas zum Einsatz gebracht.

Dies wird nun von verschiedenen Ärzten vor Ort bestätigt:

Local doctors and officials have confirmed that the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIS) used some sorts of chemical weapon that instantly killed Kurdish fighters during clashes in Kobanê of Rojava northeast Syria.

Kobanê Canton Health Minister Dr. Na’san Ahmed told KT in a telephone interview that seven local doctors carried out post-mortem examinations on the bodies of two Kurdish YPG fighters recently killed by ISIS and that they found traces indicating “they were killed by ISIS using chemical weapon.”

Dr. Ahmed said: “We do not have the high-tech medical equipment to determine the exact type of chemical weapon used by ISIS, but seven doctors are convinced that chemical weapon was used as the examinations found symptoms and strange white injuries on the bodies, all of which indicate that they were killed by some sorts of chemical weapon.”

Im Irak hatte Isis vergangenen Monat eine ehemalige Giftgasfabrik von Saddam Hussein unter ihre Kontrolle gebracht.

15. Juli 2014, 15.40 Uhr:

Deutsche Schlagzeilen

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Israel akzeptierte heute einen von Ägypten vorgeschlagenen Waffenstillstand, die Hamas nicht:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon ordered a restart of the attacks on the Gaza Strip Tuesday afternoon after Israel’s acceptance of an Egyptian-brokered ceasefire was met with a morning and afternoon of Hamas rockets fired at Israel.

Und welche Schlagzeilen produzieren deutsche Medien?:

Der Spiegel:

Die Süddeutsche:
14. Juli 2014, 14.32 Uhr:

Ägyptisches Fernsehen über die Hamas

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Why do you, in the Al-Qassam Brigades, [hide] among civilians? Why do you use people’s homes? You should keep your hideouts away from people’s homes. You know full well that when you launch a missile form a home, a missile will land on that home within one minute.


Siehe auch:

A rocket fired from Gaza knocked out a power line in Israel that supplied electricity to 70,000 Gazans, according to the IDF Spokesman’s Office on Sunday night.

The outage was caused by shrapnel from the rocketfire that hit the high voltage line that feeds electricity into Gaza, the Israel Electric Corporation said.

13. Juli 2014, 14.52 Uhr:

Schafft ein, zwei viele Khalifate

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Der al Nusra-Front, der offiziellen Vertreteung von Al-Qaida in Syrien, die sich in offenem Konflikt mit der Konkurrenz vom “Islamischen Staat” befindet, kam die Ausrufung des Khalifates durch deren Chef Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi alles andere als gelegen. Nein dieses Khalifat ist nicht das richtige Khalifat, sondern ein unrechtmäßiges, erklärte Nusra Emir Abu Muhammad al Julani:

“A caliphate based on destroying a jihadi project that the nation has been dreaming of since 1,400 years, and a caliphate built by those who helped the [Assad] regime fight against you, is an invalid caliphate even if they declare it a thousand times.”

Deshalb scheint al-Nusra nun den Plan zu verfolgen, ihr eigenes, rechtmäßiges auszurufen:

Leaked audio recordings have unveiled a plan by al-Nusra to establish an Islamic Emirate of the Levant. The recording, which sheds light on dramatic new aspects of the “jihadi civil war,” has since been taken down.(…)

Al-Nusra supporters were quick to welcome the recording and the “emirate” to come. Pro-Nusra jihadi sites proclaimed, “the announcement of the emirate took place in agreement with the major Islamist factions, such as Jaish al-Muhajirin wal Ansar; al-Katiba al-Khadraa; Jund al-Aqsa; Jaish Mohammad; and Ansar al-Khilafa.” Joulani’s statements seem to have been made to a crowd of his supporters, who interrupted him repeatedly with shouts of “God is great” and chanted, “We are all al-Qaeda…we are all Osama…we are all Zawahiri…we are all Joulani.

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