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23. Mai 2012, 14.41 Uhr:

International Day Against Homophobia in Tunesien

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Fadi Krouj, Herausgeber des Gayday Magazines, über “the first Tunisian public LGBT event“:

When it comes to Tunisia, the interim government has totally ignored direct solicitations from the UN to respect the rights of LGBT individuals, as recommended by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon during an African summit where Tunisia was present.

Shamefully, Arab and African countries refuse to deal with this subject, and radically walked out of the Human Rights council panel after UN Secretary General and the High Commissioner on Human Rights addressed violence against LGBT people.

The Tunisian LGBT community in Tunisia has started to mobilize and discretely form its support-base. Reactions to the thus far mainly online activism were met with radical, homophobic statements from the current Minister of Human Rights, Samir Dilou. He described homosexuality as a mental illness that requires treatment and isolation, and described social values and traditions as red lines not to be crossed.

This is the first year that the Tunisian LGBT community publically celebrates the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. A Facebook event was created to invite people to celebrate the spirit of humanity and solidarity. Online materials, shorts videos, and documentaries were heavily shared on Facebook to raise awareness on the issue of homophobia and the need for political action to legalize homosexuality, and implement laws that criminalize all forms of stigma and discrimination. These demands were echoed in a press release signed ‘Tunisian LGBT community.’

20. Mai 2012, 19.11 Uhr:

Vernichtung Israels ist Staatsziel

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

“The Iranian nation is standing for its cause that is the full annihilation of Israel.”

Das sagt der “Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces Major General Hassan Firouzabadi” laut Farsnews. Schon wieder ein Übersetzungsfehler? Und so geht es weiter:

“Wherever Iran interferes, it announces it in a very straightforward manner. For instance, we interfered in confrontations against Israel, which resulted in the (Lebanese) victory in the 33-day war and (Palestinians’ victory in) the 22-day (Gaza) war,” Ayatollah Khamenei said, addressing millions of Friday Prayers worshippers on Tehran University Campus in February.

“In future too, we will support and help everyone who opposes the Zionist regime,” the Leader underscored.

“The Zionist regime is a real cancerous tumor that should be cut and will be cut, God Willing,” Ayatollah Khamenei underscored.

Können sie noch deutlicher werden?

Noch einmal zum Mitschreiben: Die Vernichtung Israels ist das Ziel der Islamischen Republik Iran. Das erklärt ihre eigene staatliche Nachrichtenagentur.

19. Mai 2012, 12.07 Uhr:

War es al-Qaida? Oder der syrische Geheimdienst?

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Stecken al-Qaida oder andere jihadistische Terroristen hinter den jüngsten Bombenanschlägen in Damaskus? Selbst der UN-Generalsekretär glaubt es und unterstützt damit den Narrativ des syrischen Regimes.

Überläufer aus dem syrischen Geheimdienst dagegen erzählen eine ganz andere Geschichte:

Nine defectors, some of them officers who had fled recently, relayed first-hand accounts of plots they had witnessed being planned or executed that were later blamed on “armed gangs” or al-Qaida.

All have provided details of the plots they say took place and are willing to provide testimonies to international investigators. They say they are reluctant to put their names to their allegations, fearing reprisals against their families.

Another man, who was serving in the destroyed intelligence headquarters known as the Palestinian branch, and who was injured in the 10 May blast, gave an account of regime compliance to his family and friends. The man, a guard at the headquarters’ prison, had returned to his village two days earlier after receiving treatment.

“He told us that three days before the bomb the Alawite officers started disappearing and so too did all of the important prisoners,” the man’s brother said. “The cameras were also taken down and the important files were removed. The only people left in the building when the explosion happened were Sunni officers and guards or some prisoners.”

16. Mai 2012, 15.25 Uhr:

"Nakba Day" - der nächste Flop

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Nach dem “Global March” auf Jerusalem, der nichts war, nun der nächste Flop. Auch der “Nakba Day” blieb äußerst unspektakulär:

The long fretted-over Nakba day began worryingly with Molotov cocktails in Hebron and a rocket out of Gaza on Tuesday. But while dozens of Palestinians were lightly injured in the hours of subsequent skirmishes, as were several IDF personnel, the army brass must have been pleased when the sun set on this May 15.

The borders were not violated. Blood was not spilled. The demonstrations were limited, in no way heralding the coming of a violent Arab Summer, or a third Intifada, to the West Bank. (…)

On May 15, “Nakba Day” demonstrations were limited to the West Bank. Bassem Eid, a Palestinian human rights worker, attributed the relative calm to the state of Palestinian society, which he described as frustrated, fractured, tired and hopeless. “The back of Palestinian society has been broken by the Hamas-Fatah separation,” he said, noting that within the West Bank, the rifts within Fatah were so deep there was no hope of any coordinated uprising. “There cannot be an intifada so long as we have an intrafada,” he said.

16. Mai 2012, 14.24 Uhr:

Iran: Todesfatwas gegen Muslime und Nicht-Muslime

von Wahied Wahdat-Hagh

Shahin Najafi ist der erste, der von den neuen Fatwas der iranischen Großayatollahs betroffen ist. Diese Fatwas richten sich aber generell gegen alle, Muslime und Nicht-Muslime, die die schiitischen Imame und den Propheten Mohammed „beleidigen“. Besonders die zweite Fatwa, die von Großayatollah Makarem Schirasi verkündet wurde, macht explizit deutlich, dass auch Nicht-Muslime mit einer Hinrichtung rechnen müssen, wenn sie einer solchen „Beleidigung“ für schuldig befunden werden.


12. Mai 2012, 10.26 Uhr:

Al Qaida? Gibt es laut Assad nicht

von Thomas von der Osten-Sacken

Im Jahre 2003, als noch jeder Jihadist, der gegen die Amerikaner im Irak kämpfen wollte, Syrien als Transitland nutzen konnte und dort großzügige Unterstützung für seine Mission erhielt, damals also, erklärte Bashar al Assad, dass es das Terrornetzwerk Al Qaida vermutlich gar nicht geben würde:

Syrian President Bashar Assad said in an interview (…) that he doubts the existence of al-Qaeda, the terror group blamed for the Sept. 11 attacks and recent strikes in Saudi Arabia and Morocco.

Und heute? Wird noch jeder Demonstrant in Syrien, der gegen Assad auf die Straße geht, von der syrischen Staatspropaganda als Terrorist und Anhänger von Al-Qaida denunziert.

So ändern sich die Zeiten.

11. Mai 2012, 09.34 Uhr:

Iran: 100.000 Dollar für eine Hinrichtung in Deutschland

von Wahied Wahdat-Hagh

Shahin Najafi ist ein Sänger, der aus dem Iran geflohen ist und in Deutschland lebt. Er singt kritische Lieder, die die iranischen Inquisitoren nicht mögen. Sie fordern nun seinen Tod. Die Schiaonline hat ein Kopfgeld auf ihn gesetzt. Der Mörder soll 100.000 Dollar für die Hinrichtung von Najafi in Deutschland oder sonst wo bekommen. Die Fatwa stammt von Ayatollah Safi Golpayegani.


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